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W4UA Amateur Repeater Site 

2m & 440 (70cm) Repeaters

High Point Amateur Radio Club supports two repeaters: 147.165 MHz and 443.900 MHz.  The call sign for the repeater site is W4UA. The 2 meter repeater is located on top of the High Point Regional Hospital building just northwest of downtown High Point, NC and has emergency backup power.  The 70 cm is hosted at the RFMD building in north High Point, in the KD4RF club facilities, to give emergency services between the GSO airport area and North Main Street in High Point, including the Cone hospital off of Hwy 68.

No tone is required for access to the 70 cm repeater. Due to stray inputs and intermod on 2 meters, the 147.165 MHz repeater will have 67 Hz tone squelch enabled in early April 2017, along with installation of a voice identification module. Older 2 meter transceivers will be able to hear the machine, but may need a small module added into the microphone circuit to access the repeater. Input frequencies are 147.765 MHz and 448.9 MHz, respectively. Amateur repeater frequencies,including W4UA's, are coordinated through SERA, the Southeastern Repeater Association, Inc.

The HPARC is indebted to the High Point Regional Hospital for the location of our repeater site. In the photo, you can see some of the many antennas that share the site. The 2-meter repeater antenna is visible from the ground northwest of the building.


Antenna base

Mark McMahan - KB4MFP

and  Lon Cecil - WB5PKJ

install the new 2 meter

antennawith ground radials

on a 7 foot steel pipe mount.


In photo below, the W4UA 2 meter antenna is second from the rightside.


Antenna High Above Ground